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Since 2012 the Bursary Fund has held an annual Golf Day at Rondebosch Golf Club.
This fantastically organised event has over the years become a major feature of the local maritime industry’s brand marketing and social programs. The event is always attended by a group of LMC students, providing an opportunity for participants to meet with the beneficiaries of their contributions, and to hear how their generosity is transforming young lives. In addition, the students get first-hand insight into the benevolence that creates and sustains their life-changing opportunities. The golf day is an essential source of support for the fund, an opportunity for networking and great fun for the participants.



When sponsoring a student, corporates or individuals receive termly reports from the student’s mentor about their academic and general progress and become a partner in their journey and ongoing upliftment. Tertiary Sponsors receive similar reports and are thus able to evaluate students for possible employment as a Cadet onboard their ships.

The Bursary Fund has formed valuable and trustworthy partnerships with our funders some of whom have been part of the growth of the
Bursary Fund since its inception.


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Library Edition (Hardcover)


Standard Edition (Softcover)
(Excludes packaging & postage)

This book explains why the legend of the Ship and her Old Salts lives on.
It is a book that celebrates a century of honourable duty performed with distinction, it salutes the past and anticipates the future,
revealing the essence of a truly South African maritime story - a great legendary saga to be told and retold,
never to be forgotten while South Africans go down to the sea in ships.


Buy a book and raise funds for the SATS General Botha Old Boys’ Association Bursary Fund.